Seamus O’Malley Finnegan

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Home: 925-406-4278                                     6985 Snow Way Dr., Box 6584.                                  532 Wild Flower Pl.       

Email:                        St. Louis, MO  63105                                      Alamo, CA  94507           


I am a senior in Film and Media Studies seeking a creative/production position in the movie or television industries.



WASHINGTON UNIVERISTY IN ST. LOUIS — St. Louis, MO                                                    2012 – Present

·         Major:  Film and Media Studies — Bachelor of Arts candidate, expecting to graduate in 2016

·         Dean’s List in Fall 2013 with a 3.86 GPA in that semester, and in Fall 2014 with a 3.80 GPA

·         3.43 GPA as a Film & Media Studies major in the Arts & Sciences School — ‘A’s in all film production classes



LIONS GATE ENTERTAINMENT INC.  — Santa Monica, CA                                                      Spring 2016

·         Intern — Shadowing and assisting Lions Gate CEO Jon Feltheimer for a week during spring break


RIVER STUDIOS  — San Francisco, CA                                                                                           Summer 2015

·         Intern — Primary Editor of all 360° footage, production team member, produced content for “River VR” app

·         World’s first Virtual Reality start-up accelerator, funded by Rothenberg Ventures


BEN HESS & BAY AREA PICTURES — Half Moon Bay, CA                                                       Summer 2015

·         Actor, production assistant and grip

·         Raising the TXT Generation, directed by Ben Hess


INDEPENDENT FILM — St. Louis, MO                                                                                          Fall 2014

·         Production assistant, boom operator

·         Recovery, short film directed by Sam Shapiro


WASH.U. SPORTS INFORMATION DEPARTMENT — St. Louis, MO                                        2015 – Present

·         Intern — Editor and production assistant

·         Responsible for filming and editing interviews/games/sports highlights


WASH.U. STUDENT TECH SERVICES — St. Louis, MO                                                              2015 – Present

·         Intern — VR Production Team member, editor, production assistant

·         Responsible for filming and editing all VR projects, including Wash.U. promotions, concerts and sporting events


WUTV & WUNEWS— Washington University TV and News                                                                       2014 – Present

·         Executive Producer — Responsible for creating, distributing and marketing content for campus TV station


KWUR — Washington University Radio Station                                                                                2014 – Present

·         Co-host of a weekly radio music show                       



Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor and (sometimes) Actor for numerous films in sophomore and junior year Making Movies I & II classes — Received an ‘A’ on all films and in both classes

·         Blood Drive 2016 — Promotional commercial for WashU’s Blood Drive organization

·         WashU Football Practice GoPro — Seamus Finnegan quarterbacks us through a WashU Football Practice

·         Are You Ready? — WashU’s Football Recruiting Video for 2015-16

·         Infiltration and Part II — Two robbers attempt to infiltrate a high-security facility

·         Short Notice — A student must beat the clock to not be late for class

·         Phantom — A dorm student is terrorized by a mysterious attacker

·         Poker Games — Two friends duke it out in a high-stakes poker game

·         Robbed — A robber must flee from the entire Chicago police force

·         Landslide — A young college man must cope with his heartbreak



Football Quarterback — 4-year varsity QB at Wash.U. (as high as backup QB since freshman year)

·         At Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. in San Francisco, broke QB Tom Brady’s league QB records

·         Invited to prestigious Elite 11, Nike FTC, FBU Top Gun, Super 7 and NUC Ultimate 100 camps

·         Tutored by QB coaches Tom Martinez (tutor to New England Patriots QB Tom Brady) and Roger Theder (former head coach at Cal in the Pac-12 and a former NFL assistant coach)

Film and football are my greatest passions in life.  While striving to be the best in both fields, I came to realize the similarities between the two.  Film and football are the greatest sources of entertainment and joy when the efforts of many working together as a unit are perfected.  The qualities of a Quarterback, including leadership, execution under pressure, improvisation, poise, intense work ethic, competitiveness, collaboration and teamwork, directly correlate to the job of a director.


Becoming a college QB is a year-round full-time job prior to and in college, due to the level of competition and time commitment.  I worked extremely hard with my QB tutors after school, on weekends and every day during the summers.  This dedication and the personal characteristics I possess enabled me to become a college QB, and will carry over into my career goal of entering the movie and/or television industries and becoming a filmmaker.