Seamus OMalley Finnegan

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Cell:     415-420-4607                                    School Address:                                               Home Address:

Home: 925-406-4278                                    930 W. 34th St.                                                 532 Wild Flower Pl.       

Email:                              Los Angeles, CA  90089                                  Alamo, CA  94507 


I am a graduate student in Film and TV Production seeking a creative/production position in the movie or TV industries.



UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Los Angeles, CA                                     Aug. 2016 Present


       Master of Fine Arts Candidate Film and Television Production, expecting to graduate in 2019

       3.75 GPA


WASHINGTON UNIVERISTY IN ST. LOUIS St. Louis, MO                                           Aug. 2012 May 2016

      Major:  Film and Media Studies Bachelor of Arts candidate, expecting to graduate in 2016

      Deans List in Fall 2013 with a 3.86 GPA in that semester, and in Fall 2014 with a 3.80 GPA

      3.43 GPA as a Film & Media Studies major in the Arts & Sciences School As in all film production classes



WORKING TITLE FILMS Beverly Hills, CA                                                                    May 2017 Present

       Development Intern Responsible for assisting in managing the office

       Read and provided coverage on developing scripts, covered the front desk, completed research projects


REVELATIONS ENTERTAINMENT Santa Monica, CA                                                   May 2017 Present

       Morgan Freeman Production Company

       Development Intern Read and provided coverage on developing scripts, covered the front desk, completed research projects and transcriptions


RIVER STUDIOS San Francisco, CA                                                                                 Summer 2015 & 2016

       Worlds first Virtual Reality start-up accelerator, funded by Rothenberg Ventures

       Intern Editor of all 360 footage, production team member, produced content for River VR app


BEN HESS & BAY AREA PICTURES Half Moon Bay, CA                                              May 2015 June 2015

       Actor, production assistant and grip

       Raising the TXT Generation, directed by Ben Hess


INDEPENDENT FILM St. Louis, MO                                                                                Oct. 2014

       Production assistant, boom operator

       Recovery, short film directed by Sam Shapiro


WASH.U. SPORTS INFORMATION DEPARTMENT St. Louis, MO                              Aug. 2015 May 2016

       Intern Editor and production assistant

       Responsible for filming and editing interviews/games/sports highlights


WASH.U. STUDENT TECH SERVICES St. Louis, MO                                                    Aug. 2015 May 2016

       Intern VR Production Team member, editor, production assistant

       Responsible for filming and editing all VR projects, including Wash.U. promotions, concerts and sporting events


WUTV/WUNEWS & KWUR Washington University TV/News & Radio Station                 Aug. 2014 May 2016

       Executive Producer Responsible for creating, distributing and marketing content for campus TV station

       Co-host of a weekly radio music show



Office:  Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook

Post-Production: Avid, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, Movie Magic, Final Draft, Photoshop, Kolor-Autopano



The Craftsmen                                                 Associate Producer                                           USC 546 Production

The Dust Trail                                                  Associate Producer                                           UCS 546 Production

Iman & the Light Warriors                               PA                                                                   USC 546 Production      

Miles                                                                Writer/Director                                                 USC 508 Production

Boots                                                               Writer/Director                                                 USC 507 Production

Infiltration (USC Application Film)                  Writer/Director/Editor/Cinematographer                      Wash.U. Junior Thesis



Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor and (sometimes) Actor for numerous films in sophomore and junior year Making Movies I & II classes Received an A on all films and in both classes



Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor and (sometimes) Actor for numerous films in sophomore and junior year Making Movies I & II classes Received an A on all films and in both classes

         Blood Drive 2016  Promotional commercial for WashUs Blood Drive organization

         WashU Football Practice GoPro  Seamus Finnegan quarterbacks us through a WashU Football Practice

         Are You Ready?  WashUs Football Recruiting Video for 2015-16

         Infiltration and Part II  Two robbers attempt to infiltrate a high-security facility

         Short Notice  A student must beat the clock to not be late for class

         Phantom  A dorm student is terrorized by a mysterious attacker

         Poker Games  Two friends duke it out in a high-stakes poker game

         Robbed  A robber must flee from the entire Chicago police force

         Landslide  A young college man must cope with his heartbreak



Football Quarterback 4-year varsity QB at Wash.U. (as high as backup QB since freshman year)

       At Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. in San Francisco, broke QB Tom Bradys league QB records

       Invited to prestigious Elite 11, Nike FTC, FBU Top Gun, Super 7 and NUC Ultimate 100 camps

       Tutored by Tom Martinez (tutor to QB Tom Brady) and Roger Theder (Pac-12 head coach and NFL coach)


Film and football are my greatest passions in life.  While striving to be the best in both fields, I came to realize the similarities between the two.  Film and football are the greatest sources of entertainment and joy when the efforts of many working together as a unit are perfected.  The qualities of a Quarterback, including leadership, execution under pressure, improvisation, poise, intense work ethic, competitiveness, collaboration and teamwork, directly correlate to the job of a director.


Becoming a college QB is a year-round full-time job prior to and in college, due to the level of competition and time commitment.  I worked extremely hard with my QB tutors after school, on weekends and every day during the summers.  This dedication and the personal characteristics I possess enabled me to become a college QB, and will carry over into my career goal of entering the movie and/or television industries and becoming a filmmaker.